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Update and the Future of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope

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Saving and Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable Children in Kenya

In 2013 Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope board of directors in Kenya agreed that some of the girls we sponsor live in structures completely unfit for human habitation. Other challenges warranted the board to review to what we were doing and how best we could use the funds sponsors entrust to us.

These challenges included unexpected disruption of studies due to strikes by public teachers or students and government mandated school closures for simple events like voting or voter registration, unexpected and unwarranted fees added to regular tuition (students were constantly suspended from school if they could pay these other fees), inability to closely monitor students’ performance and offer remedial programs until it is too late and Lack of counseling and guidance opportunities for very vulnerable students during the time in their lives when they need it the most.

These factors made it necessary for Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope to operate its own girls and boys boarding schools. We purchased a boarding school facility for girls and started operating Caring Hearts High School in 2015.

Plans are in plan to build a boarding high school for boys in the near future.

The Future—Self Sustaining Caring Hearts High School

After praying and analyzing what is the best option for the vulnerable students we serve, especially the girls, we have concluded that having our own facility, where our students can study without interruptions, have adequate food, counseling and guidance and youth development programs, is the best  use of your generous contributions.

In Nguluni, one hour’s drive east of Nairobi, Kenya, there is a girls’ high school facility for sale. The owner is familiar with what CHHH is doing and is willing to sell it for $1.3million. The 9-acre facility has:

Eight completed classrooms (with 4 acres for extra classrooms), a dorm that accommodates 220 students, 20 showers, 20 toilets, and 14 outside pit latrines, a 2013 school bus (52 seater), completed houses for two teachers, a temporary kitchen and a dining hall, a three acre sports field, one acre garden, three sources of electricity (solar, generator, hydro) and several water tanks and a borehole.       

New school dormitory and roof
Dormitory for 220 girls at purchase and after third story construction was completed.

The completion of the dormitory and classrooms will allow CHHS to admit 160 tuition paying students (at $1,200-1,500/year/student) and 160 needy children. That means admitting a daughter whose family can provide at least $1,200 tuition/year, will enable CHHS to provide that same education to a girl from a poverty-stricken family. Again, Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope’s objective of providing security, education and youth development opportunities for poor orphaned girls and those from poverty-stricken families will be maintained.

Soon after we started operating Caring Hearts High School, I learned of a heartbreaking reality—innocent children from poor families, especially the girls, who are born without AIDS/HIV, too often contract it as they nurse their ailing parents. These children have no basic healthcare training or protective hygienic resources. We had planned to start vocational training programs, sewing, home economics and other skills for independent living before I recognized this situation, so CHHS will now include first aid and basic healthcare training as well. The Life Skills Center, Science Lab and three classrooms will be completed by June/July 2017.

The Life Skills Center has an inspirational aspect. It will be a lasting memory of Katy Benoit, a young Boise girl, whose short life taught us about kindness, accepting others and the ability to achieve and thrive in academic endeavors.

My friends, the fact that these construction projects and purchase of land to build a boys school have been done without a capital campaign is a testimony of the commitment of our sponsors and donors. The few sponsors who have had the opportunity to travel to Kenya have witnessed, firsthand, the amazing work we are doing there.

But we need your help in order to complete the current projects, build a multipurpose hall (dining hall, library, computer center, assembly center, staff rooms and the remaining classrooms). We will also need to equip the Katy Benoit Life Skills Center with 43 sewing machines and accessories, stoves, home economic materials and healthcare training resources as well as supplies and equipment for the science lab.

The good news is that the strong value of the dollar has helped a lot and we expect to complete the construction projects at the girls school with just $495,000-$515,000. Again, this is the first step in ensuring that Caring Hearts High School is self-sustaining!

I am sensitive to your generosity and deeply appreciate every dollar that God puts in your heart to help us me with. Please know that we will establish an institution to help save and transform the lives of very poor children—that will continue to do so with or without sponsors, in both good and bad times and without depending on my efforts alone.

God bless you

Vincent Kituku

Since Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope (CHHH) started helping orphans, children of widows and those from poverty-stricken families, more than 750 high school and university/college students have received financial support. Today, there are hundreds of families and children with hope for a better tomorrow that they never had, because of the support they have received from Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope.

Recent Idaho Stateman articles about Vincent and sponsors 2016 trip to Kenya:

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The Future:

Caring Hearts High School is now a reality!

CHHH new classrooms under construction.
School Bus
The compound around the tuition block.
Caring Hearts School Bus
Our school bus
Caring Heart Students
Caring Heart Students.
Caring Hearts Life Skill Students.
Caring Hearts Life Skill Students.

The school garden for vegetables and some fruits.
Duplex with a living room, two bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in each unit.
Jean, Carrie and Beth, CHHH sponsors standing next to the new water borehole
Drilling a new well
Drilling a new water borehole

The school garden
Students harvesting from the garden
CHHH students harvesting from the garden

Vincent Kituku's parents at the meeting of Caring Hearts High School's parents, students and employees

There is another key benefit to CHHH having its own facility.  We will increase, by more than 50%, the number of students we support with the current amount of sponsorship. This is because there will be no unexpected tuition and fee increases.  This has been a huge challenge. It affects our budgeting efforts and also interferes with our students’ studies—since they are suspended from school,if there is an unpaid balance.

Further, we will offer vocational training in four career oriented programs, computers, sewing, Certified Nurse’s Aid (CNA) and driving. These training programs are vital since the reality is that NOT all girls in the school will continue with education after high school. But with these training programs, they will be equipped to make a decent livelihood.

We plan to start CHHH operations at the facility in January 2015, thus giving us 12 months to prepare.

How you can help

Donate please. You kind and generous gift is appreciated in advance.
Make a Donation Now!Please talk to your family members, friends and colleagues about what Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope is doing: changing the world, one child at a time, and ask them to help. .

Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope, is a 501 (c) 3, EIN 27-3127770.

Your generous donation will help prevent a destitute child from facing a possible life of crime, prostitution, child labor or forced marriage.

Please feel free to call me at (208) 376-8724 or email at, to learn more about CHHH, or if you have questions. As with your sponsorship, your contribution is 100% guaranteed for the purpose of getting a facility for Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope sponsored students in Kenya.

What we have done

Visiting Student Home
Sponsors and Dr. Kituku visit the house where one of the sponsored girls and her mentally ill mother were living.
CHHH sponsors built a new house with a living room, two bedrooms, cement floor and an iron roof.

Vincent's trip to Kenya 2013 334.JPG  
The type of houses CHHH has helped families of sponsored move from to better ones (right)
built with funds donated by sponsors and other well-wishers.

Judith, one of the sponsors who visited Kenya in January 2014, with Kikeneani Primary School pupils
Sponsors and Dr. Kituku with the traditional Kamba baskets they were given at Kangundo Primary School after delivering 39 mattresses, blankets and bed sheets for blind students.

Will, Keegan and Quinten
(their families are sponsors) pumping soccer balls before giving them to Kangundo Primary School students.

Because of sponsors’ kindness and generosity, the lives of destitute children have been transformed. Here is a sample of what CHHH is doing (or has done recently):
  • Sponsoring 238 destitute children (147 girls and 91 boys) in 72 different high schools.
  • Paying for 21 students (13 girls and 8 boys) to attend universities and colleges.
  • Provided 39 mattresses, 39 blankets and 78 beds to blind children at Kangundo Primary School.
  • Started and completed five two-bedroom houses for widows.
  • Provided two mattresses, four blankets, four pairs of bed sheets, one table and four chairs for each of the five families.
  • Placed five blind children, one student with severe neck disability and one who suffers from albinism in special schools.
Other humanitarian projects that have received financial support include:

Residents of Kyumbi, Kenya receiving food donated by CHHH
  • Famine relief food, especially to people in Kyumbi and Baraka Technical School
  • Books for students of Tala Boys High School, Kangundo Primary School and Kikeneani Primary School
  • Building materials for school/church projects at Kinyui Junior Academy, Matokini AIC, Kilongo AIC, Kyumbi RGC and Tala High School
  • Computers for Kangundo Primary School
  • Medical and food assistance for several HIV positive widows and one widower
  • Hygiene supplies for high school girls who are sponsored by CHHH
Kangundo Primary School blind children receiving blankets, mattresses and bed sheets donated by CHHH sponsors.

What we have learned is that we are not just paying tuition and fees but saving lives and transforming families and communities. There are hundreds of girls saved from child labor or forced early marriage or prostitution. The circle of poverty is being broken continuously.

Left is a photo of a student before CHHH sponsor, Carrie, started helping him.
The photo on the right is him and Carrie, four months after he joined high school with tuition, room and board paid for.

You are transforming lives!


Our main focus remains education for needy children in high school. But some of the girls we sponsor live in structures completely unfit for human habitation. There is no human language that can describe what they sleep on. Even with better housing, the poor children may have no food or what they need for private studies, especially during holidays. We have faced several other challenges that have warranted our review of what we are doing and how best we can use the funds sponsors entrust to us. These include:
  • Unexpected disruption of studies due to strikes by public teachers or students and government mandated school closures for simple events like voting or voter registration. This year, 2013, students in Kenya have lost about 30 school days due to teacher strikes and elections. This is extremely stressful for our students since school is the most secure place with enough food and opportunity and resources for private studies.
  • Unexpected/unwarranted fees added to regular tuition. Students are constantly suspended from school if they cannot pay these other fees. There are students who have wasted a term (three months of schooling) languishing at home for lack of $15 not included in the fees structure that we received.
  • Lack of a safe environment, with adequate food, security and opportunities for private studies for many girls and some boys when schools close.
  • Inability to closely monitor students’ performance and offer remedial programs until it is too late.
  • Lack of counseling and guidance opportunities for very vulnerable students during the time in their lives when they need it the most.
What you need to know

Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope has been blessed with in-kind donations that have made it possible to use 100% of your donations for the purpose they are intended for. Here are services provided pro-bono:
  • Website design, development and hosting
  • Development and online promotions
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Accounting services
  • Board meeting room
  • Office space
  • Legal services
  • Editorial services
  • Graphic design work
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Internet services
  • Telephone expenses
  • Newspaper publications
  • Radio announcements
  • TV promotions
Recognition for CHHH

Caring Hearts and Hand of Hope is the recipient of 2013 Community Champions Award that is presented by Molina Medicaid Solutions to organizations and individuals who are making a difference in other people’s lives and their communities.

Dr. Vincent Kituku receiving the 2013 Community Champions Award

What sponsors are doing is beyond touching lives. I cried when I met and heard the stories of some of the sponsored.

Vincent and his son, Kithetheesyo mixing sand and cement to construct one of the houses< br />sponsored by Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope in July 2013.

One of the structures where a Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope student lives in.
The family now has a new house sponsored by Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope.

JosephJoseph, a sophomore student at Tala high school, was expecting to be sent home the second Saturday after schools opened early in January. That day, he woke up, washed, dried and packed his clothes to wait for the school accountant to send him home for the lack of tuition and fees for first term of 2011.

Remember, this is the boy who, as a freshman walked for miles searching for someone who could help him with tuition and fees. He had passed the high school entrance exam with flying colors. Yet he had no one to help. Bishop Matheka took his information and emailed it to me. I wrote his story and a sponsor paid his tuition and fees. But Kioko, didn’t know how his tuition and fees had been paid.

You can imagine his desperation and hopelessness when he saw the school accountant approaching him. But instead of being sent home, he was given a tuition and fees receipt, paid in full for the 2011, 1st term (January-April).

Kioko, like most of the orphans, children of widows and those from poverty stricken families we are sponsoring, is a top student. He was number one in his class of 60 students. I had not notified the school that I was to visit. After meeting with the school principal, he arranged for me to see Kioko. He was not told who I was.

PascalineAn amazingly confident student, he revealed to me the miracle of that Saturday he was expecting to go home and languish until a merciful person helped him. I just said that I had heard of him and wanted to know how he is faring in school. I can’t write about his reaction when he finally learned that I was somehow the reason his tuition and fees had been paid. He was speechless. He at last said, “Oh my God!” and covered his mouth with both hands.

The next student I met is Pascaline but I am unable to put the suffering of that girl into words.

How do you write about a girl who hid herself from teachers so that she could do the end of year exams instead of being taken to the hospital to have her pneumonia treated?

That illness did not prevent her from putting her feet in cold water in order to stay awake and study for the exams. I remember doing the same thing, but not when I was suffering from pneumonia.

Pascaline, a top student (position 2 out of 80) wants to be a medical doctor. Her academic performance proves that she has what it takes. A sponsor has re-kindled her hope.

Vincent Kituku addresses parents at Kangundo Redeemed Gospel Church about the importance of educating children on January 24th,2010.

These four children are a testimony of how sponsors are transforming young lives!



Jones Kaindu, Carrie Barton, Veronica Kalundu, Mary Waeni Nyamai, Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku, Angela Munyasya and Bernard Kivuva after a Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope board meeting in Kenya.

Keegan, Quinten and Will building a bench for Kangundo Primary School pupils.

Keegan, Will, Niki (showing off her traditional basket) and Quinten sitting with Kangundo Primary School pupils
on the bench they (sponsors) constructed.

Photo of Angela Munyasya (Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope board member in Kenya) with some of the
CHHH's sponsored students at Angaza Nguluni Academy.

Francisca Mwende Katunge of St Josephs Girls Kibwezi receives her term 3, 2012 fees from Jones Kaindu, CHHH Chairman, Kenya.

The CHHH Sponsored students enjoying a lunch of bread and soda after receiving their fees.
(Front row from left to right  – Rebecca, Fredrick, Mbete  and Victoria)

Motivational session for the CHHH sponsored students during the occasion of handing over of fees for term 3, 2012.

Students of Bishop Paul Mutua High School, where Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope is supporting ten students,
stand in line to receive lunch and enjoy it under the shade of nearby trees

Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku speaking to Matungulu Girls High School in Jan. 2011

Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku with Tala High School students after his presentation in Jan. 2011

Dr. Kituku speaking to 8th grade pupils at Kangundo Primary School in Jan. 2011

Bags of maize, donated by Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope at Baraka technical college.

Students at Baraka Technical College standing in line to recieve food donated by Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope.

Rev. John Mutuku Katundu, Director of Baraka Technical College, wrote, "…the situation of hunger and drought is an extremely bad story in this village. Last Thursday I found two young girls in the school compound who were very week and looked like sick. I gave them some milk because I thought they were sick. They told me they had gone for three days without any food and had come for at least a meal in this school. I was moved with compassion and found my self shedding tears. I couldn't sleep when I imagine their situation…"

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