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Donate Now "The only reason I am in this world, at this moment with the tools God has given me, is to make a positive difference in other people’s lives."
Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku
Officers/Board of Directors:

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Carihg Hearts High School

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, President

Dr. Kituku grew up watching his mother in Kangundo, Kenya, provide food and clothes to people suffering from mental illness and those with delayed mental and physical development. His father also let some of those people stay at his store overnight, especially during the rainy seasons.  While at Tala High School, Vincent was involved with adult literacy where he taught senior citizens counting, basic ABCs and how to write their names.

Those childhood observations and boyhood involvements in other people’s well-being have become Dr. Kituku’s pillars as he helps people from all over the world. His family has provided financial support to children in the Holy Land and Africa through international programs over the years. They provide tuition, food, water, shelter and medical help for relatives and strangers, especially those who have lost their husband and father. Dr. Kituku organizes schools and church groups to sponsor specific projects with 100% of contributions devoted to the projects.

However, the many brilliant high school students who are orphans or children of widows or from poverty stricken families have touched Vincent. He knows the solution for these students is to have an education. Yet many are out of school because they simply can’t afford the $500 per year average tuition and fees needed to attend high school.

Vincent who has lived in the USA since 1986 says, "How could I be blind to the suffering of the mother of six who hanged herself because she could not afford to pay tuition for her daughter to attend high school?

How was I supposed to live knowing one of Kenya’s college bright stars, an orphan whose parents were claimed by AIDS, was at home languishing because he cannot afford $200/semester to continue his university education?

Or how could I erase the emptiness I experienced with pastor Kiseve and his wife when we visited a single mother whose son had been sent home from school for lack of Ksh.8,000 ($105) needed for his high school senior year exam fees and tuition."

His question for the mother was, "What are you to do?" "Nothing" was her only response.

That was a defining moment for Dr. Kituku. He realized that if he did "Nothing" there are orphans and children of widows who will not have a future. The orphans and children of widows are being left behind because of lack of school tuition.

We send tuition donations directly to the schools of high school and public university students who are orphans or children of widows. That way the money is used for the purpose it’s intended for. If you are a sponsor ($250-$350/year for a high school student) you will be given the student’s name, school and contact information.

Janet BlumJanet Blum

A while ago, Janet and Dr. Mark Blum learned about Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope from a newspaper’s article Dr. Vincent Kituku had written. That rekindled their burning love everything Africa. They begun sponsoring a student as well as support the purchase of items that make vulnerable live with dignity.

Janet and Mark first visited Kenya in 1997 and since that time, they have returned to Africa eight times. Today Janet says, “People have always told me you do not go to Africa once, and I know this to be true.”  But what sets Janet apart is her rare and unique way of looking at Africa, that, “It has a hold on you and with just one more turn of a corner, one more orange sunset, the “answer” will be revealed.” Whether it is the silences Africa greets a person with; a reassurance of one’s self and ones values; the great span of land like the Mara, or some Maasai can confirm your existence, it cannot be put it into words.

She traveled to Africa to learn about a place different from her own, to understand wildlife on their terms and to examine a culture she had never known but instead she says she, “Brought back a fundamental understanding of my own spirit. I suppose that is what ‘romantic’ means.”

A resident of Eagle, Idaho, since the summer of 2011, Janet and Mark have lived in Ketchikan, Alaska and then South Dakota. They met in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she spent most of her life. She attended nursing school in Colorado Springs , graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and worked as an R.N. for 35 years. Her she worked with oncology patients, giving chemotherapy, developed an outpatient service in Ketchikan, Alaska, and just before retiring, worked at a VA hospital on a medical/surgical ward.

Janet considers it a joy work on the Board of Caring Hearts and Hands and delighted to have Africa filling her mind once again—this time transforming lives!
Ben Dalton
Ben Dalton

Ben is a Financial Advisor on the Dalton Bahney Treinen Wealth Management Group at UBS Financial Services in Boise. Ben partners with clients to help them pursue their financial goals by building and customizing individual stock portfolios and other investment strategies. He graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Ben joined the Dalton Bahney Treinen Wealth Management Group in 2012 and holds both the Series 7 and Series 66 securities licenses.

He is active within Toastmasters International holding officer designations with the organization. Ben is also an active member within Boise Young Professionals. Ben and his wife are expecting their first child, a daughter, in August of 2018. During their free time they enjoy fishing, golfing, and spending time outdoors in the Treasure Valley.

Niki Fisher

"When we first heard of Caring hearts," Niki says, "we looked into the eyes of our then small granddaughters, and thought, what if it were these little ones that were living in those situations.?" And, after hearing the CHHH childrens stories and seeing the look in their eyes in the photos Vincent shared; and, then seeing these same children up close and personal during a 2014 trip to Kenya, Caring Hearts became real.

In 2009, Niki And her husband Eugene responded to an article written by Dr. Kituku and became Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope sponsors. They call Payette, Idaho their home, and currently raise Texel sheep to keep them occupied and out of mischief.

Niki attended la Grande College of Business and has a Medical Secretary Diploma, but her greatest delight are their 7 children, 23 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Being part of the Caring Hearts Board of Directors is a great privilege and opportunity to watch God work miracles up close and personal.

Kenyan Board of Directors

Chairman & President: Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Mr. Jones Muteti KainduSecretary: Mr. Jones Muteti Kaindu (Teacher/pastor)
Mr. Jones Muteti Kaindu has been a high school teacher (Mathematics and Geography) since 1998. He taught girls only school for seven years. He has spent the rest of his teaching career in mixed schools. A devoted teacher, Jones is one of the teachers who grade Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. He has also been an associate pastor at Makindu Redeemed Gospel Church for the last 12 years.  Jones serves as the director of Redeemed Junior School, an upcoming low cost, church based elementary school in Makindu Town.

A graduate of Kenyatta University (1997), Mr. Kaindu became a representative of Caring Hearts and Hands Hope-Kenya Committee soon after it was established and he has served as chairman since 2011 as well as acting secretary and treasurer in the past. He serves because of his strong desire to help underprivileged young people to access education. Inspired and influenced by the honest zeal of CHHH’s founder, Mr. Kaindu devotes his talents, gifts and experiences to transform destitute children’s lives.

His daily interactions with orphans, children of widows and those from poverty-stricken families provides him with firsthand knowledge on how brilliant children’s future is blurred by lack of tuition or personal hygienic supplies. He has supported two girls, both children of a widow in his home for years.

Jones and his wife Charity have a son and a daughter.

Bernard Muindi KivuvaTreasurer: Mr. Bernard Muindi Kivuva (School principal)
Mr. Bernard Muindi Kivuva, Head Teacher, Kangundo D.E.B Primary & Visually Impaired School of 1200 pupils has been a teacher for more than 25 years. The success of his school in establishing a wing for blind children and integrated education programs as well as preparing thousands of students who pass the 8th grade exams sets him apart among his peers. Mr. Kivuva’s leadership has led his students year after year championships in sports, choir and other youth development programs.

Bernard’s abilities are attributed to his personal drive to learn and equip himself with tool necessary to serve other people, especially destitute children and those with disabilities. In addition to his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Nairobi, he has a diploma in Educational Management-Kenya Educational Management Institute (Kemi), diploma In Primary School Management-Kenya Insitute of Education (K.I.E), Advanced Certificate in Counselling-Dayster University, Certificate in Community Counselling-Dayster University, Certificate in Primary Teacher Education-Eregi Teachers Training College and Certificate in Christian Counselling And Education (Carey Theological College Canada).

His in-depth knowledge and experience have made him a community asset. He serves in Joint Activities Committee-Zonal Level, Joint Activities Committee-District Level and he is the secretary of  his church (Africa Brotherhood Church) Development Committee. Mr. Kivuva work with needy children led him to Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope where he serves as treasurer as well as providing guidance and counseling to vulnerable children. The coordinator of CHHH programs in Kangundo/Matungulu region, Bernard’s calling is to serve less fortunate children. He not only supports orphaned children of his relatives but also raises another child his family found left alone.

Bernard and his wife have two children, a daughter and a son.

Uncommon Kindness and Determination to Save Children
"This is the second time this girl has passed her class 8 exams but she will have to repeat, again." Mr. Bernard Kivuva, principal, Kangundo Primary School said, almost in tears. He was showing me how his school had performed in the 2010 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams.

Unfamiliar with the circumstances that prevent poor children from joining high school in Kenya after passing their 8th grade, I asked, "Why did she repeat, if she passed, what is the reason for repeating this time, given that she has passed again?""She is a total orphan," Mr. Kivuva said with a trembling voice. It was my first time to hear the term "total orphan." In a few minutes, he had shown me another girl’s performance. Her father suffers from a myriad of health issues that are compounded by severe mental illness. She too had repeated and was doomed to repeat again with no hope of joining high school.

"They are kept in the 8th grade so that they can grow taller and get married," he said, now with tears flowing unchecked.  He closed the door to his office and educated me how the country I left in mid ‘80s, before AIDS, created unheard-of numbers of orphans, had hundreds of thousands children whose futures end after they pass 8th grade exams due to inability to pay the $500/year required for high school tuition and fees.  His words still create a lump in my throat.

Caring Hearts and Hands of hope (CHHH) sponsored those two girls immediately, along with tens of other children who cause Mr. Kivuva to cry when he talks about the destitute conditions they live in.

In my memory, Mary Waeni still remains the young girl I left in Kenya wearing her high school uniform. How she became the kind elementary teacher who will travel hundreds of miles so that a poor boy or girl can be helped with high school education is astonishing. When Mary heard of CHHH, she went to mud huts and other improvised shelters, seeking children who had been languishing at home, with zero hope of ever joining high school.

But it is her brokenness of heart when pleading for those with less than the minimum 300 out of 500 points required for needy children to be sponsored that really moves me. "Oh, that girl has really tried. She never saw her father and her mother has nothing, thus sometimes they don’t have food. If she can be supported, she would be the best," she says with conviction. Environment matters. The boys and girls whom she pleads for have performed beyond expectations.
A woman of few words, Angela never sees a needy child through the narrow eyes of tribe, religion or gender.

The story of Mr. Jones Kaindu, a secondary school educator, can only be written as a metaphor. The man was born to help, organize and improve things. After my heartbreaking exposure to the suffering of children who cannot afford high school tuition, I shared with two Kenyans that I wanted to help needy students with proven academic potential.

Then came a developed application form with names, photos and detailed backgrounds of destitute children in different high schools from a stranger. Jones, who heard of my plans, had included his own photo and an introduction of who I was dealing with. I felt God had sent me a Joshua—a frontline fighter! I immediately called. His attention to details, timeliness in acting and a caring heart are of Biblical propositions. "There is this girl…" that is how he starts a story that leaves me an emotional wretch.  "Daktari," he calls me, "just give me a few hours and I will have everything."

These caring people are transformers, universal heroes the world has been waiting for. Their presence has spiritual bearing—you experience God’s love and power to transform the world, one child at a time.
Mary Waeni (humanitarian projects coordinator).

Dr. Kituku (seated 4th from right) in January 2011 with Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope
committee members and representatives in Kenya

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