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"Education is the most powerful weapon for which you can change the world." - Nelson Mandela

When you sponsor an orphan or a child of a widow who is a high school student in Kenya, you are changing his or her life, and the lives of those in their family and community. Caring Hearts & Hands of Hope Inc., provides a long-term opportunity to make a difference in the life of a student who otherwise might not have the chance for a quality education. The program’s focus is in Kenyan rural communities, where you can decide to sponsor a needy boy or girl in high school.

What does your donation accomplish?

The Value of $675 for a Poor Child:
  • High School Tuition for a whole year
  • School Uniform, textbooks and
  • Three meals a day/Boarding facilities
  • Academics, sports/games and youth development trips
  • Hope for a better future
Click Sponsor a Child for a Year below to sponsor a child for a year.


Make a One Time or Recurring Donation:
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Your donation will provide a young girl feminine hygienic supplies for entire year - thus she attends classes for whole school year.

Click Donate to a Young Girl below to provide a young woman hygienic supplies for a year.

Donate to a young girl

$50 provides school lunch meals for a student for 10 weeks.

Click Provide 10 Weeks of School Lunch below to provide school lunch means for 10 weeks.

Provide 10 weeks of school lunches

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