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Donate NowFrequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to sponsor a student?
A regular commitment of $250-$350 a year for four years will help a student complete their high school education program without interruptions.

How can I pay for my sponsorship?
You can sign up for automatic annual payments through your Credit Card or bank account, or send checks yearly. Contact our office or arrange these payments online.

How will I receive reminders for payment?
Yes, once a year. We have no paid staff to process monthly reminders in addition to coordinating sponsorship efforts at this time. But you will receive 2-3 updates on how your student is doing. You also can write to the student and encourage him or her.

How much of my donations goes to the child I am sponsoring?
Our prayer, hope and plan is to use 100% student sponsorship donations for that purpose. You have, however, the option of making contribution for administrative costs such as: producing information packs, courier costs, printing child update photos and coordinating sponsorship letters.

What happens if I am not able to make a payment?
Your commitment is a source of hope for your student to have a better future. However, if you are experiencing financial hardships please contact our office.

How does my child benefit by my support?
Your financial sponsorship will help your student achieve a better life in their future; it pays for their school tuition and fees, the lack of which has relegated young girls and boys into poverty and/or horrible lifestyles.  Your student will be uplifted by your encouragement, love and concern. There is no better gift than to give a poor student hope.

Will I be able to correspond with my student?
We are making efforts to arrange for your student(s) to write a letter to you at least 3 times a year. But many of these students cannot afford mailing costs. So the letters may be emails send through their teachers email addresses.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored student. Your will receive information about the contacts of your student once you become a sponsor.

Your letters will be treasured by the student. You can imagine how special it is to have someone who has never seem them, love them enough to sponsor their education—the only thread of hope for a better future. You can write about your family, what you do for a living, your favorite foods and sports and the kind of seasons you have where you live. Because most students are minor, we expect all letters to be directed through our office. Our goal is to do the best to ensure the privacy and safety of both students and sponsors.

Can I send other gifts to my student?
No. The best gift is to prepare them for a self-supporting life. Education will do that. In addition, some of the gifts ipods, PlayStation 3 and the like are distractions. However, at Christmas you will be given the opportunity to donate towards a special gift for food that will be shared by families of the Kyumbi community were we have many students in our program.

Please DON’T send your sponsored student money or birthday gifts.

Can I visit my sponsored student?
Yes! This will be a life–changing event for both student and their sponsor. If you are planning a trip to Kenya, please contact our office and we will arrange for you to meet your student. Because things are not done fast in other countries as in America, please give use amble time (about 45 days) to make the arrangements.
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